Creating a Trading Floor

A practical manual for all those involved in the planning, design and construction of trading floors and data centres, covering timetables, sequential planning lists and checklists, and including full lists of the vital questions you need to ask of your suppliers, contractors and clients.


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Dimensions 177 x 247 cm

About The Author

Charles Smith

Charles Smith has worked in information technology for over 35 years. Over 20 years of that has been in the development, project management, implementation and operation of trading systems, trading floors and technology infrastructure for financial markets in London, New York, the Middle East and Africa.

The design and successful implementation of a new and technically ground-breaking trading floor is one of the most challenging and exciting projects a senior IT professional can undertake. Not only must the project arrive faultlessly to time, incorporating some of the most advanced technologies available, but it must do so within a highly regulated environment, complying with international legislation, data security and corporate governance.

Creating a Trading Floor, set to become the project manager’s bible, draws on the author’s vast experience to provide a uniquely authoritative and comprehensive reference source and practical step-by-step guide for project teams undertaking the design and implementation of new trading floors and data centres. Its core premise is that, although language and cultural issues must be addressed, the same rules of engagement, strategies and project management techniques can apply in all of the world’s major financial centres – New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.